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Championship Mercury Ultra 8' Pool Table Felt - Choose Color

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Championship Mercury Ultra 8' Pool Table Felt - Choose Color, Petaluma, CA

Championship Mercury Ultra Billiard Cloth, pre-cut bed and rails!

Mercury Ultra is a 19-ounce weight, woolen-hybrid fabric finished to look and play like a worsted. It has the aesthetic characteristics of a worsted paired with the durability of a woolen. This unique cloth is designed for players who want the speed of worsted but dont want to pay the higher prices associated with worsted fabrics.

For the last several years, and for years to come, all National Amateur Championship Tournaments in Las Vegas (APA, VNEA & BCA) have been and will be played on Mercury Ultra. It also holds the honor of being chosen as the official billiard cloth to more amateur tournaments than any other cloth in the world.

Mercury Ultra is very popular in commercial billiard rooms, coin operated tables as well as home tables. This product is available in precut bed and rail sets.

Championship Fabrics stand up to hard commercial use, yet satisfy the most discriminating professional and amateur players.

Highlights of Championship Value

  • Complete Selection of Worsted and Woolen Fabrics in Pre-Cut Beds and Rails
  • Spots Included With All Fabric Products
  • No Hidden Defects
  • Playing Surface Identified
  • Soft Fold With Cut Beds and Rails
  • 66 inch Widths


A Championship Fabric for Every Use

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