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At McDermott's factory in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, cue making is serious business. Buffalo Billiards owner Lee Simon was recently invited to visit McDermott's headquarters and gain a new perspective of the lengths McDermott goes to in order to craft their world-class pool cues.

The process starts with hand-selected local and exotic woods. McDermott pays a premium to their lumber suppliers and as a result, gets first pick for all wood used to make McDermott cues. Typically hardwoods used in cues are chosen for their consistency and straightness, as well as figuring and color. 

Rigorous quality control is a key element utilized by McDermott. Through every step of the cue making process, cues must pass all inspections and tests with flying colors, or face being discarded. This dedication to quality and consistency has placed McDermott at the top of the cue making industry and provides customers with a beautiful, top of the line cue, from a brand they trust.

The inlay process starts with their graphic artists drawing being uploaded to a state of the art milling machine which cuts out the inlay pockets within 1/1000 of an inch. The inlay is cut from McDermott's wide selection of precious stone, metal, exotic wood, pearl and more. All inlays are perfectly hand set and glued to ensure a precise fit, every time. 

McDermott's hand stains each cue butt according to customer specification and cue model. Hand staining, though time-consuming, creates an accurate and brilliant stain that brings out the full beauty of the wood while maximizing the visual appeal of each cue.

After staining each cue passes through a specialized UV electrostatic spray booth. In this process, cue butts are positively charged and hung on negatively charged hangers and sprayed with 5 coats of negatively charged paint. The cues are then hand sanded and given a top coat. This process is what gives McDermott cues their signature depth, durability, and shine.

This dedication to quality, technological innovation, and expert craftsmanship result in a world class, top of the line pool cue; a finished product which McDermott is so confident in, they offer a lifetime warranty on all their handcrafted cues. 

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