Antique Brunswick Newport Pool Table c. 1892 - 9' x 4.5'


Thoroughly first class in construction, the Newport was originally designed to be the workhorse of the Golden Age of Billiards when every club, hotel, and home had its own tables.
This table has a beautifully matched Mahogany body with Brazilian rails with Ivory diamond sights. Measuring a professional size of 4.5 x 9' (also available in 4 x 8') it has been restored to its original grandeur. The slate is 1 full inch of the finest Vermont slate that is diamond honed and brass doweled for perfect leveling. The cushions are new Brunswick Super Speed but all the rest is original and intact, except of course new pocket leathers.

The Newport's excellent design will enhance any billiard room while providing professional quality play to the most discriminating players. Priced at a reasonable $8,500 or an offer that we can’t refuse.


From the 1904 Brunswick Balke Collender Co. catalog, page 18:

A table of attractive design at a moderate price.

The Newport table is a modification of the Saratoga. As a matter of fact, it is a duplicate of that celebrated design as far as external appearance is concerned. In construction it is materially different. It is intended to meet the demand for a less expensive table.

The slate bed is of the regulation kind. The cushion rail tops are finished to correspond with the balance of the woodwork of the table.

The cushions are the latest improved quick-acting Monarch. The outfit or playing equipment is also first quality. The table is carried in stock in 4x8 and 4 1/2x9 sizes. It is finished in both golden oak and mahogany.

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