Brunswick Centennial TV Tour Edition Billiard Ball Set


Centennial Pocket balls are the standard of excellence in the industry.

A new edition of the famous Centennial Pocket Balls was created because some of the original colors are difficult to differentiate during television broadcasts of professional matches. The originals are still available, but this new edition is unique and fun. The set includes pink #4 and #12 balls (instead of purple) and brown #7 and #15 balls (instead of brick red).

Made of premium grade phenolic resin, Centennial balls are exactingly ground and polished to exacting radial tolerances of 0.001 of an inch for absolutely true and accurate roll. Components are solid cast and vitrified, or heat fused, for a homogeneous molecular bond. A translucent ivory hue, lustrous color, and a unique dart identify Centennial Balls.

With resiliency and balance that allows hairline accuracy, and with numbers and colors that will not rub off, spot, or fade, Centennial Balls are superior in both playing quality and appearance.

Uncompromising craftsmanship, unmatched playability.

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