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Brunswick Union League Antique 8.5 ft SOLD !

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Few billiard tables present such an artistic appearance as the Improved Union League. The legs are handsomely fluted and turned, with square caps and Egyptian moldings. Charming reliefs on the sides, at the union with the head blocks, and moldings running along the sides form a capital foil to the polished woodwork. Elegantly designed friezes in the prevailing Egyptian style completes the decorative part of the table and gives it a splendid finish.

The entire workmanship shown in the Improved Union League is of the highest order of merit and the table has met with the greatest appreciation in all parts of the country. It is perfectly constructed and thoroughly first-class in all its appointments.

The head blocks that are features of our tables, are of special construction covered by letters patent and are superior to those in use in all other tables. It is this very superiority of design and construction which prompts so many copies our productions. They fail, however, to equal our tables wither in mechanical construction, finish or material, and their inferiority is easily discerned upon examination.

The legs, besides being joined with wooden dowels, are fastened with a large iron bolt passing through the entire length of the leg to the top of the head block, thus ensuring positive solidity.

Selling this table for $19,999.99 or you can make us an offer we cannot refuse.

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