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Drawknife Yellowstone Billiard Table

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The Yellowstone is only created when a matching pair of large burls are found for the base. This billiard table is the finest example of Drawknife craftsmanship. A unique blend of Natures own handiwork and mans creativity truly makes each Yellowstone a ONE-OF-A-KIND work of art!

Each of the huge burl logs that make up the base is an extremely rare find. Occasionally, as with the example pictured here, a single burl log is large enough to split in half to make both of the base pedestals. This log has the spectacular combination of a wonderfully, knotted, gnarled look on one side and a heavily, beetle-tracked look on the other, giving this table a totally unique appearance from each side.

Matching burls do not come along every day so those desiring the Yellowstone often have to be patient while Mother Nature helps Drawknife Billiards to locate the materials! 

Drawknife Billiards builds hand-crafted, rustic and western-style game room furniture. The shop is located in Teton Valley, Idaho, within view of the Teton Mountains, and employs a team of twelve people, including the craftsmen who produce these unique products.

Drawknife Billiards is an environmentally aware company, creating pieces from seasoned, dead-standing or fallen lodgepole pines from the surrounding Teton forests.

Add leather or cowhide seats and backs to chairs, choose custom stains, or incorporate original artwork into any of the pieces to create a unique look. Let us assist you to create the perfect family game room!

Slate: 1", three-piece, backed slate for a smooth, level playing surface
Felt: A variety of Championship felt colors to complement our table designs
Pocket Styles: Fringed, Plain Shield or Faux Weave Shield (custom pockets are available for an additional charge)
Pocket Colors: Light, Medium or Chocolate Brown
Lengths: 7, 8, Pro 8 and 9, all of which are built to meet the standards of the Billiard Congress of America

These designations refer to the amount of natural character in the logs that are used. When building tables, more highly specialized woodworking skills are required when there is more character in the materials. Standard tables are available in a clean-peeled, skip-peeled, gray weathered or beetle tracked texture. Wilderness and Burl logs are limited in availability therefore specific textures may be difficult to obtain.
Standard: Contains primarily straight logs with minimal knots, bends or unusual character
Wilderness: Contains logs that feature what is sometimes called cat face. The flowing patterns in the surface of the lodgepole pine trees can be caused by animal interaction (porcupine chew), a disease (paradarym harksieniam) or a past event that has left a scar on the bark of the tree. Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.
Burl: Utilizes the highly rare and bulbous burl wood in its construction. Over the years, the master Drawknife craftsmen have developed the skills necessary to build a burl table. Our team of designers and craftsmen will work closely with customers to create these works of art. A true collectors item.

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