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Gorina Granito Basalt 8' Billiard Cloth wine

Gorina Granito Basalt 8' Pool Table Felt - Choose Color

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Gorina Granito Basalt Billiard Cloth, pre-cut bed and rails!

The finest professional felt...Period.

Built for faster play, this cloth features a very tight weave that is shaven, pressed then polished to eliminate any "pilling" or imperfections. Superior in every detail to that more well known Belgian brand, and at a much better price!

88% worsted wool and 12% nylon, this is the professionals choice in pool table cloth. "Worsted" means only the longest wool fibers give it a superior weave construction for exceptional durability and appearance. No pilling or grooving, and a flat, consistent playing surface for fast speed with maximum cue ball control. Basalt is a 28 oz. cloth that ensures long life without limiting speed or consistency.

Gorina S.A., established in 1835 outside Barcelona, Spain, is known for making some of the worlds finest textiles for the billiards industry as well as the fashion industry. Many of the finest hand-made business suits in the world are made with fabrics from the Gorina mill. The high level of quality of these fabrics from Gorina S.A. is demanded by the fashion industry.

The same level of care and execution goes into Gorina manufacturing of the worlds finest cloth for billiard games. The International Pool Tour has chosen Gorina to produce its official cloth because of their commitment to excellence and the use of only the finest wools available. Gorina S.A. is a family owned and operated multi-national company as it was over 170 years ago.

The Gorina brand is synonymous with quality and performance. The International Pool Tour is proud to be associated with the Gorina family and their high performance cloth for all billiard games.



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