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H.W. Collender Imperial Circa 1882

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This table was built by the H.W. Collender company, in New York city, is a profound piece of billiard history as well as a statement to the emerging manufacturing techniques of their time.

The table is a highly ornate cast iron Victorian sculpture. Cast into the elaborate, fanciful design highlighting various Victorian themes of that era is the wording H.W. Collender Patented 1879.

Collender, an Irish immigrant started building tables in 1856 after forming a partnership named Oconnor and collender. Later to be named Phelan and Collender. MIcahel, widely considered the father of American billiards was in fact the father in law of Collender.

Together they remade the game of billiards in America with constant innovation in equiprment playability and turning billiards into one of the 3 majopr sports in the country, boxing and horse racing being the others.

Upon Phelans death in 1871 the company was renamed H.W. Collender. They merged with Brunswick to form Brunswick-Balke-Collender, the biggest billiard company, as well as a giant of any field in the country.

The purchase of this table isn’t only the purchase of one of the finest tables ever built but a piece of American history as well.

The table is as heavy as expected with cast-iron panels fitted together in a precise pattern, mounted on wooden framing. It is 4.5 x 9’ features a 2” doweled and numbered slate. The table was restored by the Blatt billiard company in the late 1990’s.

It is immaculate and ready for installation any where in the world !

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