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KAMUI Playing Tip (Original, Black or Clear Black)
KAMUI Playing Tip (Original, Black or Clear Black)
KAMUI Playing Tip (Original, Black or Clear Black)
KAMUI Playing Tip (Original, Black or Clear Black)
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KAMUI Playing Tip (Original, Black or Clear Black)

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Moisture resistance

KAMUI Tap uses tanned leather. Tannin-tanned leather is also used in many other laminated taps, but it has the advantage of being more elastic and tough than chrome-tanned leather, making it a suitable material for taps, but it has the disadvantage of easily absorbing moisture. Humidity degrades leather fibers and impairs the original elasticity of leather.

At KAMUI, we have succeeded in increasing the moisture resistance of the leather by applying special processing to the leather manufacturing process. As a result, it is possible to maintain the elasticity of the tap even in seasons and environments with high humidity, reduce cue mistakes, and stably demonstrate the tap's original performance.


Reduction of tap mushrooms

A tap mushroom is a phenomenon in which the leather does not return to its original shape and the side of the tap swells and remains deformed when the tap contacts the cue ball. This phenomenon occurs when the fibers of the leather are weakly bonded to each other or when the density of the fibers is low, causing a significant change in the elasticity and hardness of the tap, which adversely affects playability.

At KAMUI, tanning is stopped when the bonds between the leather fibers are the strongest, and we use the parts with the highest fiber density among pigskin. These efforts have made it possible to reduce mushrooms and achieve long-term stable elasticity and hardness.