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Historic Cue rack from Cohrans Billiards

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Own a real piece of BILLIARD HISTORY! 

This is the LAST existing cue rack from Cochran's Billiards. 

We acquired Cochrans in 1986, it had been closed for 2 years and had the same owner as Palace Billiards Across Market Street in downtown San Francisco. Bob Bills was his name.

The actual site of Cohrans became the Q club and then Hollywood Billiards.

Welker Cochran was the original owner then later his son Welker Cochran Jr. Bob Bills acquired both locations in the 1950's or early 60's. 


If not for Willie Hoppe, who was the Michael Jordan of billiards at this time in the 1920s and on, Welker would have been the unbeatable player of this era. 

There were about 10 of these cue racks when we acquired Cochrans and this last remaining one discovered recently stored behind a pile of billiard items. 

Cochrans was located on the corner of Market and Golden Gate Ave. in downtown SF.

It was a fabulous players room with the top players around the country playing for real money up until the 1980s. There were several 6 x 12' snooker tables with golf and ring games going all night and often for several days. 3-Cushion was of course prominent but 9' pool tables all from the 1920s were spread throughout. 

This item is a chance to own a piece of history from the golden age of pool and billiards. Immaculately restored and preserved for the next 100 years! 

Measures 37in x 47in         Holds 12 Cues

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