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Valley Dynamo " All Star Baseball" Novelty Game

$ 6,495.00

All Star Baseball

Valley-Dynamo has partnered with Gizmo Game Design to introduce a new exciting novelty game to our diverse line up of innovative and customer focused products. All Star Baseball brings the classic Pitch and Bat style game to today’s players. Experience the thrill of choosing your pitch and swinging the bat to advance animated runners around the visible base path. Head to head play allows one player to pitch the ball and the other player to swing the bat. The games also offer a Home Run Derby feature that tests your skill at the long ball. All Star Baseball brings you the excitement and challenges of a real baseball game.

All Star Baseball

Offers the traditional feel of the ballpark with a perfectly manicured infield and a lush green outfield. The player’s uniforms and positions take us right to the front row of the action. The only things missing are the popcorn and hot dogs. The cabinet art reminds us that baseball is the American pastime with its red, white and blue design. Fans of all ages will flock to the turnstiles to play this game.

One and two player mode.  Combined in one feature.

Best score and Homerun Feature combined

Multiple pitch options. Fast ball, Change up and Curve ball

Coin Operated with the ability to accept most currencies

L: 56” / 142 cm
W: 30” / 76 cm
H: 36” / 92 cm
Weight: 255 lbs / 116 kg

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Professional delivery and installation available