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Replace your worn out pool table cloth. We offer a full range of billiard felt products, from the most affordable pool table felt, to some of the finest worsted wool cloths available on the market today. With a full selection of pool table felt in all colors; we are sure to have the perfect billiard cloth you need to get the most of your pool shooting experience!

Pool Table Cloth (15)

Predator Arcadia Reserve Professional Pool Table Cloth

$ 260.00

Predator Arcadia Select Worsted Pool Table Cloth

$ 200.00

Gorina Granito Basalt Pool Table Felt

$ 188.00$ 288.96

Championship Invitational with Teflon Pool Table Felt

$ 109.75$ 225.25

Championship Valley Teflon Ultra Pool Table Felt

$ 124.99$ 164.00

Championship Tour Edition 3030 Pool Table Felt

$ 214.00$ 434.50

Championship Titan Brites Neon Pool Table Felt

$ 139.99$ 236.75

Championship Titan Pool Table Felt

$ 138.99$ 214.50

Championship Saturn II Pool Table Felt

$ 89.99

Championship Pro-Am Pool Table Felt

$ 191.50$ 385.25

Championship Mercury Ultra Pool Table Felt

$ 119.99$ 198.75

Championship Invitational Pool Table Felt

$ 105.00

Championship Couture Pool Table Cloth

$ 299.25

Gorina Granito M Carom Billiard Felt

$ 320.00$ 492.28