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The legacy of Buffalo Billiards began in 1953 in Wells, Nevada when Harry Simon opened what would be the first of his many pool halls in the basement of the Pequop Casino.

Several years later he purchased Sequoia Billiards which was owned by Dorothy Wise, who was recognized as the greatest woman player of her day and inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame in 1981.

Dorothy Wise, Hall of Fame Pool Player

Harry kept good company and wound up selling that pool hall to Sax Dal Porto, another top player in the billiards world.

Along the way, Lee Simon, Harry's son, became an unwitting provider of free labor in the family-run pool halls.

Lee grew up in the business, learning from his father what it takes to run a successful pool hall while also becoming knowledgeable about the game, the tables, the cues, and the culture of pool.

Lee Simon and Harry Simon
In 1973, Lee fresh out of the Army was jobless and searching for what he would want to do with his life.

As a student at San Francisco State, he would drift north to Novato where Harry had opened Harry's Novato Family Billiards and started working part-time alongside his father.

When Harry became too ill to run the business, Lee took over.

That was a long time ago, and Lee has never looked back on the decision to stay in the business that his father introduced him to as a young boy.

Over the years, Lee has not only run the entertainment side of the pool hall, but has also sold over 10,000 pool tables, an uncountable number of pool cues, as well as game room furniture and billiard supplies.

Somewhere along the way, Lee acquired a buffalo trophy, and it fit his vision of one day opening a pool hall that allowed him to feature the trophy among dozens of pool tables, many that were the antiques that he was noted for in the industry.

Buffalo Billiards officially opened in 1995 and was recognized as one of the top five pool halls in the country.

Buffalo Billiards Pool Hall

In 2015, Lee moved the iconic Buffalo Billiards to the historic 1860's brick building in downtown Petaluma California.

He brought the antique pool tables to the floor and placed them alongside the newest tables that were used in many of the billiard world's professional tournaments.

The decor was embellished with pieces of pool tables that had sat in storage for so many years.

The bar in Buffalo Billiards is made up of turn of the century tables and offers visitors a unique perspective into the detail and the inlays of the game's past.

Today, Buffalo Billiards is an entertainment destination that features the game of kings but also provides a fantastic collection of indoor activities including a 30-foot antique shuffleboard, ping pong tables, electronic games for the kids, darts, and surprisingly good food!

Buffalo Billiards has become known as the place to bring your party whether it be a birthday, a special celebration, or a business team building event.

And they still sell more pool tables and pool cues than any other billiard supply store on the West Coast.

While they compete with online sales through the buffalo-billiards.com website, they encourage pool playing enthusiasts to visit their local pool hall for an opportunity to see it and feel it and play it before purchasing.

So come visit the Buffalo Billiards pool hall and the adjacent billiard supply store at 246 Petaluma Blvd N, Petaluma, CA 94952.

Or you may contact Buffalo Billiards by calling (800) 400-4-CUE or by email here.