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Pool Table RepairPool Table Repair

At Buffalo Billiards in Petaluma, California, we provide pool table repair services such as felt replacements, restorations, and pool table relocations virtually anywhere in Northern California. 

Your pool table is an investment requiring preventative care and regular maintenance; however, it may still need the occasional repair. Our extensive history and wide selection of pool tables, from modern to rare and antique, make us uniquely qualified to handle any pool table repair professionally. For more information, please get in touch with us at (800) 400-4-CUE.


Pool Table Care

There are several preventative steps you can take to extend the life of your pool table, such as:

  • Use a pool table cover when not in use to prevent fading and particle buildup
  • Alternate where pool balls are racked and broken
  • Avoid leaning against the pool table
  • Keep pool tables away from hot and humid environments
  • Brushing the billiard cloth to remove dust, chalk, and other particles


Pool Table Refelting

While each part of the billiard table requires its own care, the felt is replaced most often due to wear and tear or to change the look and feel of the pool table. We usually recommend refelting if the cloth is damaged, feels loose, or if it has been over ten years as dust, chalk, and particles build up within the cloth. 


Tip: Billiard balls can transfer chalk and other debris onto the table and rails. Be sure to clean them regularly.

At Buffalo Billiards, we have a vast selection of quality felt for your pool table. Whether you're looking to refelt your pool table to improve your billiard gaming experience or change the color to suit your style, we can help. 


Pool Table Leveling

A top tip for pool table ownership is never sit, stand, or lean on your pool table. This could harm the structural balance of your pool table and even warp the service. An unbalanced pool table can ruin your shot and provide an unfair advantage to anyone who knows how the table is tilted. 

Our team can properly balance and level your pool table's base to ensure optimal gameplay. 


Pool Table Relocation

Buffalo Billiards is available by appointment to relocate your existing pool table to your new home across town or California. We provide breakdowns, secure loading, and professional reassembly for your pool table. 

Moving a pool table yourself is risky - for trusted pool table relocation, contact us.


Pool Table Restoration

We restore antique pool tables from the simplest touch-up to a complete reconstruction. From chalk damage to sun exposure, there are a lot of little things that can slowly damage your pool table's integrity. With our pool table restoration service, we can help prolong the life of your pool table or even bring it back to life. 

Our service team at Buffalo Billiards also offers pool cue repair for your retipping, rewrapping, or ferrule replacement needs. If you have a pool cue or pool table that needs repair, stop by our local Buffalo Billiards location in downtown Petaluma, California, or contact us to schedule an appointment.