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Do you remember the first time you played pool, grabbing a pool cue off the rack after watching others and giving yourself the chance to learn the game?

Once you fall in love with the game, you might find yourself trying to improve your shots, looking for the best pool cue at the pool hall or in a bar, asking others which ones to buy, and wondering how to choose your first pool cue. Your own personal cue provides you the consistency to increase your control and improve your game; however, the search may feel a bit overwhelming with so many pool cue sticks to choose from.


What Will Your Cue Be Used For?

 There are a variety of pool cues made for different uses, including: 

Playing cues get the most action time during the game. They come in a variety of lengths, weights, and materials to fit the player. When searching for your first pool cue, it is important to get this one right. 


3 Things To Consider For Your Pool Cue

  1. Pool Cue Length 
    1. The length of the pool cue is one of the most significant factors to consider. The most common pool cue length which will work for the majority of people is 58 inches. Taller players may look for a longer 61-inch cue while shorter people and children can adjust with a cue between 48 and 52 inches. 
  2. Weight
    1. Most pool cues range from 17 to 21 ounces. We recommend starting with a 19-ounce cue and adjusting it later on. 19-ounces is the weight post players tend to use; however, you may even want to consider a lighter pool cue for beginners, which prevents you from accidentally raising the tip during a shot and striking the ball off-center. 
  3. Cue Tip
    1. When hitting the cue ball, it’s the tip that makes contact with the ball. Choosing the right tip can help support your game style. 
      1. Soft tips misshape and wear out faster, but they are ideal when putting a lot of spin on the cue ball. 
      2. Medium tips are more common since they provide a nice balance between speed, consistency, and control. 
      3. Hard tips last longer and are great for break sticks. 
    2. Experienced pool players keep all three types of tips in their pool cue cases and use them as needed. 

 Other things you may want to consider are wrap types, brands, and costs. No matter the cue you choose, we recommend protecting your investment with a quality cue case

If you’re unsure which pool cue to buy, visit us at Buffalo Billiards Pool Hall or contact us at info@buffalo-billiards.com. We’d be happy to help you pick a cue that fits your playing style and needs.