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repairing pool cue stick
Pool cues
are an investment. A major concern in owning your pool cues is how well it maintains the shape and holds chalk. The tip of the pool cue is the most important feature, and if the tip is misshapen, worn out, or bad, it can throw off your whole game.

At Buffalo Billiards Supply, we sell new pool cues that take your game to the next level, as well as provide pool cue repair service on all of our pool cues. Below are some top tips on how to maintain your pool cue.

4 Steps To Maintaining Your Pool Cue


The easiest way to protect your pool cue is to keep it in a good quality cue case. For casual and professional pool players alike, their cue is their most valuable asset. When your pool cue is not in use, storing it in the case helps to increase its life and reduce maintenance needs.

When looking for a pool cue case to protect against dents and warping, consider your storage and cue capacity needs, the level of impact protection you want, and your style.


New pool cues come with flat tips that need to be rounded off when installed. The tip should be curved and rough enough to allow the chalk to make proper contact to the cue ball, reducing miscues.

Over time, pool cue tips wear down and flatten. There are several tools available that can help keep your cue tip in shape longer for more consistent gameplay. We recommend storing a shaper tool and even some extra tips in the cue case.


The tips of pool cues are made out of leather. Chalk stays on the tip by holding onto irregularities in the leather. When tips start to smoothen out, the result is less chalk clinging to it and more miscues.

In addition to scuffing and shaping the tip, the method of how to chalk our cues can help with its maintenance. Always chalk by rubbing the tip across, lightly brushing it over the tip without grinding, spinning, or caking it on.


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Pool cue maintenance routines should include cleaning the shaft after every game. Dirt, chalk, and sweat can all build upon the cue shaft preventing a smooth stroke. It gets trapped in the pores of the wooden shaft and make it sticky.

Burnishing the shaft helps prevent the cue from losing the finish and ensures it stays slick. When burnishing, do not use brillo-like pads or heavy grad sandpaper; this will widdle the shaft down.

Pool cue service is necessary, but there are a few simple rules to reduce the need for frequent pool cue repair services. Be sure to never leave your cue stick in areas with extreme heat or cold (like a car or garage). This causes the shaft to warm, affecting the straightness and adhesion on the cue.

  • Never expose your cue to moisture.
  • Leave your cue unattended unless it is secure.
  • Burnish the side of your tip to keep it in good order.
  • Use an experienced and reliable pool cue repair service.

Maintaining your pool cue is easy. Set some time aside to take care of your pool cue, or come in for our pool cue repair service to clean the cue, replace the ferrule, retip, and more.

If it’s time for an upgrade, check out our complete list of cues or give us a call at (800) 400-4-CUE today.