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While our team at Buffalo Billiards may be partial to playing pool, we love a good shuffleboard game. The version we've gotten used to is played in great bars and home game rooms, although who knows we might start playing ground shuffleboard mid-day on cruise ships one day. 

Table shuffleboard is an easy game to pick up for all ages and all skill levels. If you're looking to buy a game table for your home, view our inventory of shuffleboard tables or visit our showroom in Sonoma County, California.


What are the shuffleboard pieces called?

The entertaining game of shuffleboard is played on a long table with round discs called weights or pucks to slide into a scoring area. There are three scoring sections labeled for 1, 2, or 3 points. The table's length can vary; however, a regulation-sized table is 22 feet long by 20 inches wide, which hosts each player or team on opposite ends.

Tables may have curves to add extra challenge and usually covered with a light layer of shuffleboard sand, also known as wax or cheese. The sand allows the puck to glide down the table with only a slight push. 

What are the rules to shuffleboard?

If no members of your party have learned to play shuffleboard, don't worry. While there are some official rules, players can pick it up spontaneously and enjoy figuring it out. It is the perfect game to have a conversation and spark fun, friendly competition. 

The rules are simple:

  • There are two teams with 1-4 players each. 
  • Each team has a set of 4 pucks that they take turns to slide across the table into the scoring zone.
  • Pucks cannot be thrown or bounced. 
  • Pucks should pass the foul line (the center of the table) to be considered a valid shot. If it doesn't cross the foul line closest to the player shooting, it must be immediately removed. 
  • Aim to get the puck as close to the end without going over the edge into the alley (gutter)
  • The first team to score 15 points for a singles game or 21 points in bigger teams wins.

To score more points than your opponent or opponents, you'll have to slide your puck into a higher score zone.

Shown: Olhausen "Laguna" Shuffleboard

How do you keep score in shuffleboard?

After all eight pucks are shot, players count score for the round by counting the pucks in the scoring zone. The player or the team with the puck closest to the edge gets the points for that round. No points are allotted to the other side. 

The point system is as follows:

  • The long middle section (1 point)
  • The short middle section (2 points)
  • Closest to edge (3 points) 
  • Hanging over the edge of the table (4 points)

If any puck is on the line, it is only eligible for points in the lower section. Additionally, only the pucks that are further than your opponent's highest-scoring pucks are available for points. The game ends when one opponent scores 15 points or one team scores 21 (or when you decide it's time to start over and beat the competition). 

Our friendly staff at Buffalo Billiards would be happy to show you the ropes of any game table we offer at our pool hall and showroom. For any questions you may have, please contact us.