Super Aramith PRO-CUP Carom Ball Set FOR SALE ONLINE

Super Aramith PRO-CUP Carom Ball Set

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This is the top of the line set from Aramith in Belgium. Made of the patented phenolic material that the Saluc company developed almost 50 years ago. This set has the 6 red dots on the white and yellow balls which allow you to see every spin of the ball and help improve your understanding of the game.
  • Professional size 61.5 MM diameter
  • Includes the Red, Yellow, and White balls
  • The 6 spotted white and yellow balls for optimal view of the spin used in the 3 cushion game. 

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80% of players worldwide use Aramith balls because Aramith balls are the only type in the world made of pure phenolic resin, so they last up to five times longer than other balls made from polyester or other polymers.

Thanks to their exceptional playing characteristics, the Aramith balls are used in virtually all tournaments worldwide. The extra hard vitrified phenolic surface of Aramith balls drastically reduces wear and burn spots on both balls and cloth, guaranteeing the lowest cost over time.